Friday, March 9, 2012


soaked in

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6/9/08   1:24am

Today Your face, oh Lord is all I yearn for
With your mercy, you granted me your favor
Your presence I soak myself as I savor
The sweetness of your grace soothing my heart's sore
This moment You planned for a shower
How much I so long for us to be face to face 'till forever
You pick me up here from my muck
That I made for myself 'till I got stuck
My constant reckoning of all that I've done
My efforts worrying to make it all better equals to none
I take my loads off for it's been heavy for a while
What took me so long to realize that all I've to do is to kick my pile
I lift them up to You for in all my actions, my strength dissipates
How can I even one bit doubt that You would orchestrate
Forgiveness I ask of You
For my pride, my thoughts that all things I can do
The wholeness of it all I bring back to You.

This empty basin I opened for Your overflow
As I drink You, they see in me that glow
I dwell in Your presence, my Lord as You let me go deep
As You lovingly lull me to sleep

I cry no longer from pain
That love you're pouring me will never be drained
Tears are overflowing, I don't ever want to stop crying
I don't ever want this thirst for You to end
This reality is much more than vivid

As you work within me, may I never take off my focus
May I never get swayed ever again
By your side, I hold your hand and may I never let go of Your grip
I'll never get tired being redundant telling everyone how much you so love me and them
Your hugs are ever perpetual and true…

Jaclyn Cher (c)


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