Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Big Island, Hawaii

From Hilton we went into a hidden walkway from the dolphin pond in to the rocky beach of Waikoloa...
Such treasures we saw...
And historic fish ponds and many wonderful things...
Tree hugging

Then we arrive to a salt and pepper sand 
Water is warm.... 
The other night we got dressed up and went to Lava Lava Beach club, a famous restaurant just steps away from this white sand beach. 
Lava Lava Beach club with Kelly
And Delilah
Live music, and beautiful hula 
Dinner, sunset, and feet on the sand...
So relaxing.

Pineapple fried rice...yummm
...and smiles! 

Bye Lava Lava Beach club...until next time. 

I had to taste it, I see this in K-drama always and wondered. Stopped by Queen's market for dessert! 
It was rice covered in Nori and tuna in the middle...P.S. Notice our dessert- organic coconut milk chocolate ice cream. 
I can't resist them rice cakes...

Exploring Hilton, Waikoloa Village Resort- our home for 5 days. 

Look at all those Koi fish 

Lovely friends 

Free the dolphins

Past the dolphins, you go straight the path then right onto the hidden path to the rocky beach into the white sand of Anaehoomalu bay/ beach. 
To the pool with the water falls we are at a hanging bridge

Falls in the pool area

Fresh papaya and poke salad or wrap everyday
Fishes while we soak in the sun, lagoon is connected directly from the beach... 
I stayed here all day. I love warm beach water. 

All natural ice cream right next to the dolphin sanctuary. The passion fruit flavor is delish. 
Next day, on our way to Ukelele lesson passing through shops and spa 

The instructor is from Waimea, a village few miles away from Hilton...with all the local delicious organic restaurants and shopping and stuff. Super nice people. 

More relaxing...

We came back to our room and they folded our shirt and they got it right too, felt like mommy was with us, hahaha, soweeeet. 

Thai dinner behind Queen's market

Was tempted but I did not. 
I could not say no to malasadas! 

They only had these flowers with my Ono fish salad. I guess Ono means good the man told us. He is going to law school but taking a break here in Hawaii, wow. 
With aloha soy sauce. 

Poke with taro chips delish,  salad, the best fries ever with truffle oil. This restaurant/bar is open until past 12 midnight. They are behind the Hilton open air lobby. They have karaoke nights and live music. 

Shopping not this tho, it was 245$

These are signed by famous historic hawaain musicians 

Hula, music, history from a local school of dance in Waimea. 
Make sure check Queen's Market's calendar for events like this:

The musician is playing her grandparent's  composition so it is very meaningful show.

Their music made me miss my daddy so much I cried. The show is so beautiful and was performed by old school graceful teachers and their students. 

On our way to Hilo

Watch out for the chickens or roosters on the road or goats or lama
My dad lived in Hilo when he was not married yet. He loved Hawaii and talked about it when he was alive. Now I understand why. 

Downtown Hilo. 
Lava flow at Makana 
Yup, we are walking under a live lava flow.

Yes they do have Walmart and Target and Costco. 
Back to Waimea, they have Filipino store.
Where the nice locals hang out- our type of people. 
D was pretty cold so the nice gentleman gave her a shawl to keep her warm. 
Is that Ivanka Trump who dined here? Yup. 
After all that volcano lava hike- grass fed organic burger locally farmed in Hawaii. Delilah had organic vege- pineapple pizza  I think and Kelly had chicken pizza and veges? 
Yup i engulfed  my burger. The nice lady, half Filipino of course, explained that that is cherry pepper or is it apple pepper and the one next to the fry is a pickled capers.  Wow, thank you for the education. I have never seen a caper fruit and it was delish!

On our way to Kona Airport to go back home. Kuya gave us longan from his backyard in Hilo. I guess they work when they want to and vacay and relax for the rest of the week. Pretty good life, huh! We asked him if he was ready for Jesus and prayed for him to accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour for the rest of his life. 

This is Kona open airport. We walk to the tarmack. And the gate signs are written in black markers, too cute...too relaxed, too ono.