Friday, March 9, 2012

Nostalgia- a poem


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You're all torn out
Ran away from everyone, relationships disintegrate
Obscure semi-permanent pout
Struggling for survival of the fittest
Against the ravaging river that you still insist

Depression is kicking in
Stayed to sleep decided to commit a sin
Devine intervention, we should always be grateful
Still granted us the chance to live a life in full

Love is everything a man could pursue
The Will of the Lord, in your maze is a cue
Follow the arrow
Amidst  a vanishing sorrow

You can only tell that you can make it so many times
Tried your best effort only made to be declined
You can only say "It's enough"
Losing self respect, possessions, and emotions as the pilgrimage gets tough

Where did the enthusiasm fly?
Eyes dried up, no more tears to cry
If this is to become mature
I'd rather stay punctured

Inevitable times, I learned to see beyond
Confide in my inner child
Eagle has to soar
In God's loving arms everything in me I pour

People will always be at your side, at the right pace of life
Unconsciously, sometimes we strike a strife
Let me just live and learn
I pushed people away, there will come a time for me to yearn

Time is a healing ground
Bits and pieces found
Love that was shattered
Memory, a company is captured

 Comfort arrives for those on the floor
As peace attaches in the midst of war
Painful hearts learn to sigh
Inner joy levels high….
To Jesus, all the glory I give with a cry

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