Friday, March 10, 2017

Big Island Hawaii, Black Sand Beach Kona

Getting out of the Hilton, Waikoloa village, when you turn left there is a market place that is cheaper than Island gourmet that is in Queen's market. We got out ot the "resort" area and went to the locals. We ate at under the Bodhi Tree- local organic farmed yum. This is in the villages of Mauna Lani in Waimea. The owner was so nice explaining everything and that he had diabetes and changed his diet into local whole organic living... And changed his life. 
There is a local pub around here too that has grass fed burgers, locally grown salads and stuff and is open until mid nightish and cheaper than where the resort is.

I got a tank top- so soft...
Local hand made jewelries 

Vegan french toast- yumm
I got acai bowl with fresh local organic fruits- look I had rambutan and longan in my bowl- I flipped!!! I love these fruits and only can eat them in Philippines because they cost a fortune in the main land. 

We turned a u-turn to go to Black beach via 19 highway. 
Coming out from the Hotel, turn right. 
Drive until you see cars parking on the side. That is the entrance to the wilderness/forest that will lead you to the black sand beach. 
The kuya who drove us to the hotel and to airport said that the four season resort has access to the beach too to see black sand and turtles and all them exits has access to the beach but we are glad we took that hike because we met the goats and the baby goats and smelled so organic and fresh... I luv it

Enjoy the hike maybe 30-45mins. Don't miss to smell the goat poop- so organic grass hahaha. Take pictures but be careful because they are wild. I got a stick in hand just in case but they will not get close to you... Hmmm haaaaahhhhh

Dont miss the beach access sign in the right. A very nice young lady told us about it as she pulled up in her truck otherwise we would have missed it... 
Turn right to and find the lagoon where all the sweetness turtles reside. A lady from the hotel told me that if we would have gone further there are a lot more turtles... I was pleased to meet one turtle I fell in loved with- hehe😍

Don't touch it!! But I guess if you are compelled to... Hahaha

Bye sweetheart my love Tinkerbel Klaus turtle darling, muah muah muah... Until next time:)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kilauea Volcano Lava Flow

For safety, read and educate yourself first.
Behind us is lava flowing into the ocean from the great Mt Kilauea. This place is Kalapana lava flow in Pahoa.
Behind us is the Volcano, Mt Kilauea, the most active volcano in the intire world. Look at the streams of smoke, that goes straight to the ocean underneath the dried hardened lava. 

A little traffic on our way to Hilo, road repairs. 
Stopped by at Sweet Sugar Cane Cafe, organic and local food. Yumm Poi, sauerkraut, and fresh avocado.
Reminds me of San Narciso, Zambales, Philippines where I grew up... So organic...
We arrive at the fork, these interesting locals gave us fresh coconut juice, coconut sprouts, star apple fruit... Hmmm taste like my childhood

Fresh coconut juice
Coconut sprout

For free, D gave them 4$
And star apple fruit that my brothers and I ate when we were kids, I cried when I saw this fo I have not seen them in over 20 years. 

Super nice guys renting out bikes and driving us via shuttle/ dune cars, cutting our 4.5miles hike to 1.5 miles
Jerry the nicest guy who drove us to start our hike to the lava flow. He picked us up and dropped us off back to our car after our adventure. We asked himif he was ready for Jesus for He is coming we said. We prayed for him to live for Jesus for the rest of his life. 

Bike or walk
Start of our 1.5 miles journey
Sunset behind us and the steam from the lava flow into the ocean 
You can go straight follow the road or turn right follow other guides (risky though) to see live lava hot hot hot on your feet, legs...
We turned right of course. We followed the local half-Japanese tour guide for free . He was leading a group of Japanese nice people so we trekked along with them. 
Trekking through dry cool lava, we found treasures- bones of dead animal. My friend took the jaw bone and I took the lumbar L1 bone...hahaha. We left the jaw bone in the hotel...We could not stop laughing thinking how people will think we are wierdos with the bones, corals, and the coconut sprout in our car...

Until we started stepping on hot hot lava and underneath is live lava flowing. 

If you are on slippers/footsie thingies- not a good idea walking on top of live lava, lava will bounce you back but it will burn anything it touches  so we went back towards the road and ocean 
You see an occasional red sparkling and that is lava flowing. 

Mount Kilaue steaming behind us and the lava flow in the middle that we were trekking earlier. 
Steam plume- "Laze" from the lava flowing into the ocean

Worth it. 

This is where we were the nice lady said. They gave us bottled water, flash light and ride- pretty caring people that is not only about the business but safety of others too. God bless them. 

These little stones are stuck at the bottom of my shoes and my coworker loved it he used tweezer to take them off and display it in their kitchen. He lived in Oahu and love Hawaii and made him smile so much when I told him our story about the lava:)