Friday, March 9, 2012

Am I still talking?


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So  much whims, notions enveloping its wholeness
Blogging seems to be unsatisfying
Should I go out there acting like a madman, Doing a John preaching to the grass of the fields and rocks not ever caring if anyone hears him....
Why do people need validation before they let anything permeates
Why do we need a commotion to get some attention
The intentions we have, they don't penetrate if struggle is not ever present
Fire doesn't start without a spark
We don't need fire till we get cold
We don't feel the need unless we fall
We  fall  when we struggle, very seldom we succeed
Why then is our mind so unsettling....constantly telling us "stand up, stop procastinating,  caprices of a life uncrafted" we understand the psychology of man
We are graved by the urgency of the end
Yet we sit around and be comfortably numb
We walk the talk, we talk and talk, does anybody really hear us....
 When inklings battle, right ones always win
We are more than emotions, and goals and processes
the Holy spirit is real and is within us, why do we still curl up in our beds and regress?
Is fruition really that important?
As  little as a smile or act of kindness being shot at a target of intricacy
No longer perplexed,
whether we see it or not, our actions for we know are contagious and affect other's dispositions...
Yes upon waking up today I pray that I may cause someone to be grateful of God that he or she is created. 
Otherwise, what right do I have to  proceed in questioning  if I myself  am in a quiescence?

c. Jaclyn Cher Tabili

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