Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Caveman life

Take a break... You will feel better after, you'll see.
My caveman life. Well, I am referring to food  and daily activities or excersice. I still love my mosquito net-"I feel like I am in Bali everyday"-room, not totally living in a cave of course. I started last year and I lost about 10 lbs and was feeling good. I do my Paleo like  most people- 80percent paleo, 20 percent sensible whatever. Gave up sugar. I still eat 3 tablespoons of  rice some days. Very minimal bread per week and I still eat a little bit of cake I bake on Sundays. 

This blog is very good reference:
My typical breakfast. At times I eat my walnuts, raisins, turkish dried figs in the car in the morning while driving to my zumba or core or yoga, or sand bell or bootcamp class.
P.s. Check out my snakeskin tray, supposedly it is in trend, I read from a magazine. I found the tray and the white Indian wall decor from Ross and mosquito net canopy in Bed bath and beyond
I have coffee or tea with honey and sometimes hazelnut creamer. I refuse to deprive myself so occasional is okay for me. 
And yes that is the beautiful bible my mom gave me and I love reading Bible app in my iphone as well. 
I am currently reading a Tahiti guide I picked up from the hospital lobby for free, just incase I go to Tahiti someday :)
You wish, you get. 
So I saw a sale sign and I'm on it. This man is selling his dad's house so the dad can move in with him in their farm up in Fallbrook. He was so passionate about saying we only  have a short time in this world. "I only have one father", he says "I would rather lose a little money and spend time with my dad". He believes that house's price will appreciate in years to come, but he has his priorities straight.  I ended up buying avocados from their organic farm for 33cents each, with such a big smile. It is good to know that despite of everything negative that happens around us humanity and love still prevails, even in the simpliest ways. 

I bring spaghetti squash and veges and chicken or beef to work so I don't starve while working. 
Bananas, butternut squash, spaghetti squash are my go-to carbohydrates. 
I put mushroom, carrot, rotisserie chicken, green onions, tomato, garlic in a pan. Add salt and pepper. (Salt is not paleo but the body needs it especially if we work out. We sweat, we lose salt, otherwise you will have cramps without salt or headache, be sensitive with your body. Use salt sparingly though) Add olive oil. After 30 seconds of hearing sizzle, add 1/4 cup water.  When it boils add kale and cilantro. Buy organic if you can supposedly it is better otherwise use what you can find in your area. Grow your own organic veges if possible. If you use fresh meat such as lean beef or chicken breast or tenders, place meat first and let it cook in olive oil then add the garlic, onions, green onions and hard veges then water then leaves...After seconds, you want  the leaves half cooked...feed your health. 
I can not help placing a slice of french brie cheese on top of the spaghetti squash:)
Sweet potato, bananas and butternut squash are a great sweet alternative.  They have low glycemic index and high in fiber. I just bake them for an hour in 350 degrees or boil or steam and voila! 

Here is a link on paleo guide. So everything I read in this website is pretty accurate:
Basically, you can eat everything that is not processed. Think as if you were a caveman, and whatever in nature that is mostly raw and  viable, they ate. They probably ate fermented stuff also, so kimchi, fermented vegetables, fish are allowed in paleo. They walked, ran, hunt, crawled, squat, had burpee movements, planked,  carried heavy rocks or wood to find food and survive. So in our times, I do bootcamp to  immolate    such movements or crossfit or anything that uses muscle with such great intensity like pilates, yoga, etc. I am sure cavemen did not do yoga and all but we never know. They use their muscles with great intensity with such movements so I do them too. Of course we don't have to do that all day, at least 30 minutes to an hour, you get the idea, right? We still need to move around and be active even when working, take breaks to walk or run if you can. Hike a lot during your days off, be one with nature like the cavemen did. 

 To learn more about the list of you can and can not eat click here:
In all aspect of your life, a break is a human right. It is good for you to step out in any situation, work, even relationship even just for a moment and go back after a break.  Go outside, smell some fresh air, smell the flowers, don't stick yourself in such toxic, I mean, in your office, or whatever situation. Even just a few moment you will notice that you are more calm, collected and energized to go back to whatever you need to tackle. Refreshed.

 I pack organic walnut, raisins, turkish dried figs for dessert. I love sweets and these satisfy and are good for your blood circulation. In paleo, you can eat as much  until you are full, like the cavemen. They did not store food. Maybe carried some with them if there were extra but I am thinking they ate whenever they find food and they can not tell when will they find food again so they probably ate as much when they find food, right?  They did not use food as pleasure as we all do today. They did not eat their feelings with food, hehe. Basically, use food as nourishment,  and occasional pleasure? 

The best part, chocolate is permitted, dark ones, no sugar. Yummm with my organic vanilla rooibos tea and honey. I use hazelnut creamer sometimes. There goes my occasional pleasure. 
Make it a lifestyle not a diet. You will see and feel the difference. 

And click here for more recipes: 

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