Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dolce far Niente (ˈdoltʃe far ˈnjɛnte)

Dolce far Niente (ˈdoltʃe far ˈnjɛnte) All it Takes is a Pleasant Breakfast

French(napoleon & cream puff)  English(breakfast tea, gift from my friend who grew up in London, Lisa, I miss her), and Filipino rice cakes, the purple and orange. 

Everybody seems to rush in the morning and not ever take the value of breakfast. It could be simple such as toast, jam, fruits, coffee or tea with milk, black or sugar or both or cream. Buy pretty and dainty cups and use it at least once or twice a week if you can't everyday. Place some flowers or play some music or be quiet if you prefer so.  Read your favorite book, or magazine or newspaper, or just sit and relax and enjoy . You can do that after work too, with cup of tea and cream or plain, couple of biscuits or small dark chocolate...however you may like, stop...and relax. (ˈdoltʃe far ˈnjɛnte) Dolce far niente - pleasant idleness, literally means: sweet doing nothing. We need that, however hectic our lives are. We need to reset our buttons...luxuriate in our own home if we can't go out with our friends during work days. #havefunalways

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