Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oahu 2014

The best I'm Must see...must do...must taste...don't be afraid of locals...

Natural pool in Disney Resort?
Malasadas, kinda rice flour donut filled with warm hugs!
Shaved ice from down the street, next to walmart actually.
Auntie Mila and uncle Junior harvesting papaya
Fresh and organic from their backyard.
Malunggay leaves.
Oysters bearing pearls
Original Dole Pineapple ice cream from Dole Plantation
Chickens running around in Dole Platation- so free range organic, lol
Train at Dole Plantation
Check out Matsumoto the original Shaved Ice in North Shore
i parked just in front, Hawaiians are laid back they did not tow my rental Fiat.
Nice to permit take a picture of this lovely lady making shaved ice.
Checkout the local swap meet
And find treasures 
Fresh exotic fruits from side streets and swap meets, stop by and check it out.
Shirts cheaper price
I got purse, ukelele that is printed- Hawaii, real starfish hair clips, shop 'tull you drop
Experience boogie boarding in very ohhhh warm beach water- the best!
Drive everywhere, stop anywhere. Let it sink it, smell, watch.
Map of the Philippines 
Mommy and Auntie Mila showing me where I was born in Guam and where they lived and spent so much time and years together with each families. 
Military memorials 
Don't forget Pearl Harbor, next time we shall get to it. Have fun always.

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