Monday, January 31, 2011

Little pieces of us that makes us-us

Funny when I meet people who want to venture out to business or career, and they insist that using networking such as, or,  or,  or is useless and most millionaires and billionaires are not using any of those...well in fact the youngest billionaire started facebook and other millionaires started building and developing websites, whether it may be from   scratch or their own idea or someone else's and they just developed a heart in venturing out in such projects, clueless and irregardless if they were to make money or  make it a fortune for them and their generations to come... This may apply to real life. If you are willing to work on your marriage, family, friendship or any relationship, you have to try hard everyday to not only understand your tools to make your spouse /partner/girl friend/girl toy/boy friend/ boylet (jk) happy but make sure you continously show them in action as well, day in and day out for life...It may start in making everything possible to make yourself happy so extra baggages or issues called-"drama" are addressed therefore not adding to any situation you and your spouse, friends, family or any relationship you and I  generally are in. Of course it is necessary in making sure that we don't take each other for granted so there would be no reason for ridiculous blame game later on in life.We really can't expect for something to grow by itself unless we work hard and put our whole hearts and efforts to it and learn from mistakes of others and our own mistakes, right? So however we choose to act upon anything basically will result to something whether it be good or we really shouldn't be surprised if our situatuion is bad or good, think back...think ahead, anything we sow now, we rip it somehow in the future...even as little as being kind, trust me  it'll do us good, you will see. ~_~ I talk about these, thinking that everything in life starts small and culminates into little pieces of us that makes us-us.

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