Monday, August 8, 2016

Houma's house plantation, Louisiana

Slavery is a very sad part of our history, unfortunately the owner destroyed all the slaves' house...but this is nice to know that they support the Story of slavery in the Whitney Plantation. They did not mention much about it though, I wonder. This just reminds me to be loving to all kinds of people and not judge anyone by their color or social standing because we are all loved by our Creator in heaven, Jesus Christ. 
Our own private tour
Map of all Louisiana's plantation and census
Hand painted replica of the original painting on the wall in the 1800s
Dining table, the glass contraption is filled with arsenic as a bait to catch flies, then napkins are layed over it to hide the gross insects while they eat
She asked me to play and I did chopsticks and Fur Elise intro.
The man's room. Yes we women were allowed to see it, afterall it is 2016 not 1800s
They said that they would not have wanted Lincoln's sculpture in this house but a wife said "I don't know where to put our 'junk'" and the owner of the house bought this for 3000$ and it was tarnished black but when they cleaned it they realized it is 64 lbs of pure silver and had orginal signature of Gutzon Borglum, the same creator of Mount Rushmore. Pretty neat "junk"
Drugs for any ailments and toys for kids. These feathered metal toys are so pointy I could not fathom how they played with it, I pray it did not hurt anyone. 
Vampire slayer kit, a gift from Ms Anne Rice to the owner of the house.
French lady depicted as indian lady for they did not know how american indians look like.
Dolls and wedding dress
This was how the backyard looked like before the Missippi River flooding  and the governemnt had to remove oak trees to build the Levy, retaining less than  half of what it used to be.
This is how the backyard look like now in Summer, 2016 
Coin bank
Voodoo mask

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